About Us

CardServ is a leading provider of Surface Printed and Laminated Cards. We make the cards and can also assist with mail outs and fulfilment of the cards to the client. We also sell Photo ID cards, Blank Plastic Cards, and related Photo ID software and integration services.

We are also a major provider of ATM and EFTPOS cleaning cards and maintenance products, ranging from Financial services terminals such as ATMs to cash registers and Eftpos units and ticketing and validation devices as well as access control devices. These Cleaning Card Products are now available.


Outsourcing may be a word that a lot of other companies talk about, but at CardServ we can actually take those services or tasks outside your core competencies and do these for you. We can fulfill all of your packaging and distribution problems at the right price in the shortest possible time working within your system and coordinating the smooth movement of product with the least possible disruptions to your company.


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Cardserv breaks the price barrier for fully finished phonecards, getting them to you quickly at a great price. Our product a 310 Rimfire board celloglased both sides with a PIN control number and scratch panel is usually available for shipment in 7 working days. Payment is required with order.


Why not call us on +603 7980 9312


Are you a young Telco trying to negotiate the many problems and pitfalls of distribution of Phone cards in Australia? Then why not get some advice from the experts and contact us? We can take care of the entire project from planning and production through to packaging and distribution.


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